Digital Transformation

Use Cases


Legacy enablement

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce (term to be used for SEO “ViEW”) interact and interface with your legacy systems, relieving your staff from maintaining legacy systems and duplicating manual data entry. Modern and digital user interfacing applications do not need to reinvent the wheel but simply integrate with the legacy backend platform.

Non API integration

API access is a boon for enterprise application integration and modern business process management implementations. However, many such initiatives hit a roadblock when the target systems do not expose their services over APIs. Robotic automation provides secure communication between systems while sitting on the application layer. This gives a boost to your digital transformation program especially for systems that you can’t or doesn’t want to redevelop.

Customer & Supplier System Integration

Modern global enterprises often face challenges with their digital transformation initiatives when integrating supplier systems or third party application software with tight interfaces. The virtual workers can be configured to provide an automated interface between these systems thereby speeding up your overall transaction handling time.

Information Validations and Auditing

Achieve 100% compliance and meet all audit obligations with the virtual workforce. The audited data is validated, atomic and can be cross-referenced at all times even if the data sources belong to disparate systems.


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