Implementation of RPA

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Auro Virtual Enterprise Workforce ensures seamless “lights-out” operations for your accounts receivable and payable ensuring accounts symmetry at all times freeing your accounts personnel to perform value-driven work.


Balanced accounts and book value each day by automating transaction reconciliation across multiple accounts and keeping all systems synchronized.

Credit Management

Configured intelligence by virtual workforce for reliable and instant retrieval of credit ratings to help your enterprise workers evaluate risk profiles and make informed decisions to ensure debt protection.

Fraud Prevention

Configured protection by virtual workforce ensuring your customers’ money is protected from fraudulent activities and unusual behavior while they concentrate on core business operations.

Financial Reporting and Audit

Guaranteed compliance and audit reporting triggered by RPA in Financial services to seamlessly and accurately automate all legal and regulatory obligations without additional overheads and monitoring.

Loan, Credit, and Mortgage Applications

Seamless, non-intrusive enterprise automation across business processes like Right of set off, Account sweep triggering due to missed payment on loans, new loan application, and account opening. Automation of process for new loan applications and rapid response to better than expected take-up of newly launched loan products.

Case Study

£170 Million

reduction in bad debt prevention


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