Use Cases for RPA in HR

Onboarding and offboarding employees

Using RPA in HR, AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce ensures your HR personnel is free to engage with the employees and not with their desktops. Virtual workers help automate onboarding or offboarding tasks without having to liaise with individual departments like accounts, IT, etc. Ensure 100% compliance and audit while securing your assets and accesses when an employee leaves.

Salary and Payroll administration

Virtual workers let you spend more time in employee engagement during performance reviews, goal setting, and feedback sharing by automating the salary administration. Automate and unify your existing applications to ensure payroll automation across employee set-up, tax reporting, salary reviews, deduction administration, and system synchronization without the need for physically keying and of the information.

Compensation and Benefits administration

Enjoy higher employee satisfaction by timely delivering the benefits to your employees across health care, stocks, rewards, reimbursements, surveys, etc without the need for manual administration.

Recruitment management

Automate recruitment management across sourcing, screening, planning, assessments and securely interfacing with third-party tools from vendors to provide a holistic recruitment approach. Your recruitment specialists get more time to interact with the candidates and are better informed with the consolidated view of the entire process.


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