Xstore Automation With RPA

In today’s fast paced digital economy, organizations need a more agile way to deliver IT value in support to business initiatives.

On RPA offers Process Automation capabilities for Xstore and other products that help business and IT groups within organizations to implement business process initiatives that aim at automating transactions that usually involve people and systems of record.

What OnRPA can do for Xstore Automation

With OnRPA a you are able to fully access and automation all of Xstores functionalities and even extract data of different applications and windows.  The options are limitless. We will save you time by automating repetitive tasks and allow you to focus on what brings value to your business.

We work with the Xstore application to  move it, minimize/maximize it, bring it to the foreground with just a single Process. Automate your Form Filling, press buttons, extract data, verify data and take screenshots.

Let your automation do the job for you in no time and error-free!