Public Sectors

Use Cases for RPA in Public Sectors


Tax management

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workers ensure no missed tax collections or fees from your citizens without having the need from your civil servants and operational machinery chase them. With automated follow-ups on missed payments, you can be assured that debts are retrieved and compliances are kept.

Legacy systems integration

Avoid modernization costs of rewriting your existing legacy systems and processes with the help of virtual workers by automating interactions, enhancing process efficiency and communication without disruption or change. With the virtual workforce at your side, nothing should hold you back from delivering modern public services.

Online Services

Using RPA in Public Sectors you can empower your citizens to find help on issues concerning them and answers that they need with virtual workers providing them access to information from different departments thereby saving valuable public servant time.


With virtual workers, compilation and delivery of reports directly to your inbox or any other medium of your choice is automated giving you a unified view of your departmental performance and status.