Use Cases for RPA in Retail

RPA in Retail can configure a Virtual Workforce to achieve higher customer satisfaction leading to customer retention and customer loyalty. Managing legacy and modern systems seamlessly leads to an omnichannel experience, thereby leading to convenience for customers and vendors thereby promoting scalability of your business.

Pricing administration

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce can be configured to perform mass SKU updates, update promotion offerings, forecast demand and manage backorders to ensure an omnichannel experience across modern and legacy systems.

Customer management

Configured synchronization by the virtual enterprise workforce to link systems, processes and activities on demand – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure all of your CRM data is managed with ease across multiple systems and locations.

Complaint management

Achieve higher customer satisfaction and retention by having your virtual enterprise workforce handle customer complaints effectively with automated rules-based incident handling, prioritization, and resolution leaving your specialists to focus on escalations and exception cases. RPA in retail helps 100% SLA compliance ensures that you exceed expectations and turn customers back into advocates.

Returns Authorization

RPA in Retail helps Instant Return Merchandise Authorization / Return Goods Authorization across all customer channels through the reverse logistics cycle to produce optimal solutions that are both lower cost for vendors and inconvenience for customers.


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Case Study


productivity gains


  • – There is a need to overbridge gaps in the existing IT processes to not only improve customer and internal co-workers experience but also reduce costs substantially
  • – Undefined response time of the process due to dependency on multiple departments resulting in poor customer experience and low compliance
  • – Processing costs increase to accommodate higher volumes during peak season


  • – Customer case processing reduced from 20 minutes to 2 minutes
  • – 0% error rate
  • – Improved and standardized process execution