RPA Consulting services

Business Case and Roadmap Creation

A strong Business Case is the most important artefact which ensures that you understand how you could get the best return on your investments. OnRPA Consultants have extensive experience in creating business cases and building road maps that deliver large-scale global RPA benefits. The road map also gives you a clear picture on your Virtual Enterprise Workforce and your human workforce throughout your RPA journey.

Evangelize RPA

OnRPA consultants not only help you understand RPA as a technology but also show you how it could be relevant to your growth strategy. Business or IT – we speak your language and help you see RPA from your perspective.

Governance and Target Operating Model

OnRPA Robotic Operating Model (ROM) architects help you ensure all the blind corners are covered when it comes to establishing the governance and the operating model. Our extensive experience in the area helps you adapt and build on the standard Robotic Operating Models to define your Target Operating Model which is sustainable and scalable throughout your RPA maturity journey.

Demand Management

Robotic Process Automation is not a 100m dash but a marathon! RPA initiatives often die or lose steam albeit initial success due to failure in managing demand. Initial success draws a lot of attention from the enterprise verticals which leads to a many request for robotic automation. Our Demand Management and Planning methodology helps you to make sure the processes that are critical to your organization’s success and strategic vision are considered for execution.

Opportunity Assessment

Complementary to effective Demand Management, understanding the process nuances to compute the potential that a process automation opportunity holds. OnRPA Opportunity Assessment Experts help you envision the robotic process automation and its impact. Our experts know how to tackle volume, average handling time and SLA concerns even at this nascent stage. This is also the most important input to the business case creation thus demands a higher level of attention.

Vision and Strategy

Establishing a RPA vision that aligns with your organization strategy is one of the most important aspects that lead to success or failure of enterprise RPA programs. Sadly, this is not given the due importance often but with OnRPA you can be sure of having a RPA vision in place that helps you align your business vision to achieve your strategic goals.

Technology and Product Consulting

Business enterprises share common concerns across security, compliance, infrastructure and licensing when it comes to Robotic Process automation especially in highly regulated environments. OnRPA Technology Consultants build the architecture that your business needs to address scalability, availability, security, compliance, disaster management and recovery challenges without compromises.

RPA COE (Center of Excellence)

Successfully running a RPA program with an in-house team could be a big challenge and might lead to monetary, opportunity and credibility losses if not executed well. With OnRPA expertise on your side, you can never go wrong with establishing the right CoE model, execution methodology, role definitions, etc. The OnRPA CoE approach is robust, scalable and delivered under the watch of leading RPA experts.