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Use Cases- RPA in Telecom Industry


Telecom industry is well placed to take advantage of next-generation technologies, one of which is Robotic Process Automation. Adopting RPA in Telecom will help them overcome chronic issues that ail them and will not only help them improve their business operations but also give them a competitive edge.

One of the most essential priorities for the telecom operators is the ever-increasing customer expectations and how to positively manage that experience. Customer is the central focus of the telecom service providers.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can play a pivotal role in driving transformation across the telecom industry, bringing greater efficiency to telecommunications functions – from supply chain and operations to enterprise management and customer care.

To stay relevant and grow revenues in the digital era, telecom companies need to rapidly modernize existing services and business processes.

RPA in telecom enables companies to not only reduce operating expenses and capital expenditure but to boost customer responsiveness. By streamlining the execution of once complex, labor-intensive and time-consuming processes such as billing, data entry, ticket management, and order fulfillment, RPA frees telcos to be more dynamic

Robotic process automation (RPA) brings benefits to the telecommunications industry because it’s supported by high-frequency manual, repetitive, rules-based processes, which are critical for appropriate service delivery. The basis of telecom is thus made up of processes which are highly eligible for automation.

The telecommunications industry has some of the highest adoption rates of RPA technology (together with healthcare, retail, IT, BFSI). A Market Research Report includes a forecast for the RPA market until 2024, during which period, telecom and IT appear to be leading the automation trend in business processes, with a phenomenal growth rate (CAGR) of 60%.

Customer Onboarding/ Offboarding

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce ensures 100% visibility and a seamless experience in customer onboarding and offboarding. Gain higher revenues with quicker customer join with a high level of customer satisfaction leaving your staff more time on hand to interact with clients

Network Management

Compliment your network speed demands with the processes that can keep your client’s expectation of service. Automated resolution for straight through tasks in the event, incident, and diagnostics management areas, thereby giving your network engineers time to handle the tricky stuff rather than being tied up with volumes of processing.


Incorporating RPA in Telecom makes sure you never miss a billing or invoicing cycle with confidence by automating your customer data management, invoicing, reconciliation, receipts across multiple channels and departments with your virtual enterprise workforce.

Applying credit/discount on the account

Configured intelligence by the virtual enterprise workforce to automate swivel chair applications involving a manual transfer of transaction data for efficient decision making when it comes to credits and discounts. In addition, attain the highest compliance and security with checks for fraudulent activities, checking IMEI in different applications, blacklisted number checks, etc. Temporarily lockdown accounts showing fraudulent activity or even cancel them permanently to safeguard your organization’s interests.


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Case Study

ROI of 650-800%

within a 12-month net payback period



Delivering an efficient and competitive back office Long term growth and profitability in the telecoms sector is heavily dependent on the quality and efficiency of customer service and the impact on C-Sat scores. Where margin is driven by the ability to price tariffs competitively in the market, the productivity and effectiveness of people, processes and systems is vital Effective handling of the demand spikes resulting from new campaigns and product launches (e.g. new mobile handsets) is critical to maintaining a consistent customer experience and effective management of operational cost Increasing the proportion of digital customer service interactions is seen as a key enabler for providing a more personalized service. However, delivering an effective channel strategy requires greater operational agility and responsiveness


  • – 15 core processes automated
  • – 100+ FTE savings
  • – 400,000-500,000 RPA transactions processed per month
  • – 100% execution accuracy
  • – 300% increase in productivity