Use Cases for RPA in IT

Incident Management

Using RPA in IT, AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce managed your incidents before involving experts. Never miss an SLA with improved speed and accuracy of resolution. With the virtual workers at your side, remediation or escalation to the right SME is done without the need additional software, tools or expensive platform integrations.


Scaling up or down is seamless and timely with automated provisioning across all your infrastructure and applications leading to better management of infrastructure and lower operating costs

Network and Infrastructure Support

Network monitoring and control with the use of virtual workers makes sure your network delivers for your organization each time. Keep a close watch on your network load and adapt without human intervention.

Backup and Patch Management

With virtual workers, remove the mundane tasks that occupy your expert’s valuable time unnecessarily to automate backup, recovery, patch roll-out and upgrades while ensuring your CMDB is updated at all times.