Use Cases

Customer Relationship Management

Using RPA across Operations, AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce empowers you to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, to help you achieve the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. Virtual Workers compile information on customers across different channels and points of contact between you and your customer giving your customer-facing staff detailed information on customers’ personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

Inventory management

Automated processes run by you virtual workforce unify your view of the inventory levels across distributed locations and disparate systems giving the best tools in your hand for effective inventory management of your stocked goods thus overcoming operational challenges of inaccurate forecasting, poor inter-departmental communication, regulatory compliances, etc.


Virtual workers accelerate your logistics management with complete tracking from the point of origin to the point of origin. The heavy lifting of planning routes, driver deployments, delivery of goods, job scheduling & grouping and optimizing fleet usage across multiple in-house, third-party systems and physical locations is done by the virtual workers.

Site Access Management

Using RPA across Operations, site managers no longer have to rely on manual interventions to know in real time which visitors are on the site, look after the safety of visitors or inform visitors of the preventive measures to be taken in each sector with the virtual workforce at their disposal. Regulatory audits, compliances and reviewing site access permits are seamlessly taken care of by virtual workers.


Delivering an efficient and competitive back office. The quality and efficiency of customer service are vital to building business relationships. At the same time, every business is under pressure to reduce costs, making the productivity and effectiveness of people, processes, and systems more important than ever. Add to this the rise of digitalization and the demand for more personalized products and services across more and more channels, operations are becoming increasingly more complex. And with ever more stringent regulatory control and a steadily rising cost of remediation, there is an ever greater need for robust operational governance and improved business agility.


– Wide range of processes automated including Fraudulent Account Closure, Loan Application Opening, and Right Of Set Off, saving over 120 FTE and reducing their bad debt provision by £175em p.a


– Delivery of a mandatory remediation requirement using the Virtual Workforce was accomplished in 10 days – leading to a £1.5 million reduction in operating costs.


– 100% execution accuracy


– At peak, 70,000 PPI claims per month were processed using the Virtual Workforce – avoiding an increased headcount of c.200 FTE.